What's included?

Professional Web Design based in Rugby, Warwickshire.
We tailor-make a unique website just for you. No Templates.
Here are just some of the things your site could include.

Fully Responsive

52% of internet traffic comes from mobiles. All of our sites scale to work seamlessly across all screen sizes, phones, games consoles and more

Fully Compatible

People use a wide range of web browsers with wildly varying capabilities. We guarantee our sites’ll work on anything under 10 years old.


We’ll design your site in such a way that Search Engines favour it over others in their search results.


See where your viewers are coming from, what they’re looking at, how they’re navigating the site.

Custom Email

Get your own email address @ your website's domain, which you can send and recieve mail from.


A full contact form with a CAPTCHA to eliminate spam.


Get a blog on your site which you can post to whenever!

Social Media Integration

Let users share your posts with Social Media Buttons, include a feed of your Tweets on your site, or rich previews when your users share your site.


Let your visitors sign up for an email newsletter which you can send.


Include photos, videos and more which play in pages on your site!


Accept online payments and even track your deliveries automatically! Ready-to-go with all card companies, currencies & tax rates.

Tech Support

We’re here to help with everything we create for you. From helping you set your email up to converting & compressing files for the your website.


Give visitors directions from them to you on an interactive map!


When you host with us, we handle all of your updates and maintenance.

Hosting with us

Websites have to be stored on a machine somewhere. When you host with us,
we host your website in one of Europe's biggest datacentres.


We’ll keep the backend of your website up-to-date at all times, with the latest security patches and fixes.

Redundancy & Reliability

Your site will be stored in two datacentres - one in Germany and one in the United States. If one fails, the other takes over. In fact, their backup 16-cylinder diesel generators could each power a small town. There's no danger of random drops.

We manage everything for you

When you host with us, we’ll update your site for you. You just have to email us through the changes you want (like new content, images, videos, a form you want adding) and we’ll do it for you in under 24 hours (it’s generally just one or two hours).


The Datacentre we use has an 18,000mb connection. That’s 2000x the average UK internet speed.

How much does it cost?


A simple site for a local business
Up to three pages
Maintenance & Updates
We update & manage it for you
Custom Email Address
Fully Responsive & Backwards Compatible
High performance and reliability
No Blog, Shop or Discussion Forum
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A fully-featured website
Unlimited Pages
Maintenance & Updates
We update & manage it for you
Custom Email Address
Fully Responsive & Backwards Compatible
High performance and reliability
Blog and/or Forum
Dynamic Content
No Online Store
Get in touch!


Start your online storefront
Do Business Online
Global Card Payments
All Currencies & Tax Rates
Automated Delivery Tracking
We don't take a cut of your sales*
Secure SSL Certificate
All Premium Features
Get in touch!
*We don't take a cut, but credit card processing companies will take around 2%. We recommend Stripe but you can use any.